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Many people are extremely nervous on their first visits to Tijuana. You are in a third world country and many have heard about the crime, muggings and scams in TJ, especially for a visiting gringo. Unfortunately, a lot of it is true. You also don't have the rights in Mexico that you do in the US. Many Americans also do not speak much Spanish and most people in TJ speak very little English.

Wouldn't you be more comfortable having a TJ expert show you around?

The goal of our personal tour is to give you lots of safety tips and to save you money that many people waste by doing the wrong things on their initial visits. We will show you how not to get ripped off, which is common in TJ! We will show you enough that you will feel comfortable, even by yourself, on your next day or visit to TJ. What we show you and tell you would take you many visits to learn on your own. Why not take a tour to save the costs of the mistakes you will make on your own and learn all the safety tips for Tijuana as well as to get to know Tijuana? The tour is NOT to set you up with girls to have sex. It's just to show you Tijuana.

Juans Tijuana will do one on one tours of TJ.  Tours are tailored to your interests and what you would like to see.  A tour is provided so that you can use all the info on our website and then personally be shown things that you have read.  Tours are only available for website members.There is also so much info on our site, (our home page is at Juan's Tijuana) that as a member of our website, you will have get more info than you will ever need about TJ. You can also personally ask Juan anything you want when you become a member of our site.

Please note that everything we show you, is legal in Mexico. We do not show you women under 18 or have anything to do with drugs. We have not and we never will condone having sexual or any kind of relationship with anyone under the legal age of 18. If this is what you are looking for, please do not request a tour! We do not represent any women or get kickbacks. We do not set you up with women to have sex. We simply show you different parts of Tijuana and what is permitted and legal in TJ. This will make you feel safer when you return to TJ on your own or with a friend. This includes, the bars, hotels and restaurants. We obey and respect all their laws when we are there. Video and digital cameras are not permitted. All the places mentioned in the testimonials are legitimate licensed TJ bars that anyone can walk into and have a beer as long as you are 18 years or older. All the women working there are 18 years or older as well and have health cards given by the government. Our tour is designed to give you info about Tijuana and show you how to stay safe. The tour is NOT to set you up with girls to have sex. It's just to show you Tijuana.

Tours can be arranged with a staff member of Juan's, any day of the week, if we are available.  We only give tours to members of our website. Tours will begin at the US parking lots (directions below) and are $150 per person for 3 hours. (inquire about discounts, for two or more people) Each additional hour, if you want to stay longer, is $40 per hour.  Once you e-mail us that you want a tour, you will get an e-mail from us explaining our tour procedures. The e-mail will explain that we require a non-refundable deposit, to show that you are truly serious.

Taxi expenses and your own food and beverages are to be paid by you.  To repeat, the purpose of this tour is to educate you about all legal aspects of Tijuana with safety being the number one priority. You have three hours or more to pick your guide's brain and ask him any questions you have about Tijuana. The hotels, restaurants, other food options, bars, night life, transportation and anything else. Read below, what some clients have said about our tours!
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Juan's Tour Testimonials

All women referred to in these testimonials were 18 years of age or older. All the places mentioned in the testimonials are legitimate licensed TJ bars that anyone can walk into and have a beer as long as you are 18 years or older. All the women working there are 18 years or older as well and have health and work ID cards given by the government. The main purpose of our tour is to give you info about Tijuana and show you how to stay safe.

I was planning to visit San Diego and had lurked on the free portion of the site to gather info for my trip. I e-mailed Juan and arranged for a tour since I had no idea what to expect in TJ. I had been reading in the US newspapers, how dangerous Tijuana is, so I wanted a guide. His directions were excellent and we met at the UETA parking lot outside the bathrooms. He was early and since the weather was warm we decided to walk.

He told me exactly what to bring and what to leave behind. As we walked across the border there was an ongoing narration of what to expect, where to walk and how to keep safe. Juan is a treasure of information. He's experienced just about eveything in his travels to TJ and wants you to have a safe and fruitful experience. We declined the taxi but he showed me how to catch one to the zona norte and just how much to pay. Walked through the streets and over the bridge and into a "whole new world".

First we did a walk through of the area. He showed me Adelita's, Hong Kong Bar and CC. We had drinks and watched the women and dancers in the bars.

We leisurely went into the smaller bars, watched the dancers and checked out the hot Latinas. He introduced me to the bartenders, managers and some of his acquaintences. When we were hassled by over zealous bartenders, Juan handled it. Juan walked me back to the parking lot and wished me a safe trip back as he returned to the border. This was an excellent way to learn about TJ and how to stay safe. His words of wisdom were invaluable. I returned to TJ 3 days in a row by myself since I now felt safe and comfortable because of the tour, ate at the food booths and restaurants and met some very nice women. I only wish I lived closer. I'm hooked thanks to Juan.

R. from N. California

I was down in San Diego for the New Year and wanted to check out TJ. I have been to TJ in the past, but only to Revolucion, so I decided to ask Juan for a tour. I arrived in TJ earlier in the day, so Juan and I decided to meet in TJ.

We met at a bank on Rev and took care of formalities. Since we were close to the zona, we decided to walk. Juan pointed out places that people tend to get robbed at. Once we reaced the zona, Juan gave me a quick run through of the neighborhood. Then went around to the main road and checked out all the clubs. He showed me the clubs to avoid and good places to eat. We then went to Hong Kong Bar, Adelita's and Chicago. The entire time, Juan explained how everything works in the zona. He introduced me to many of his friends that were in the zona that night. HK, AB and CC are the best clubs. Juan showed me Las Chavelas, Tropical Bar, Valentina's and other bars as well.

Juan showed me how to stay safe in TJ and where are some good places to eat.After having some beers at the clubs, we decided to return to HK. It was later in the night and HK was crowded. It was fun watching the scene At this point, our three hours were up, so Juan and I went out seperate ways.

Juan's tour is invaluable. The things one learns from his tour is enough for any novice to survive in TJ. It was my first time in the zona and now I feel comfortable to return anytime I want. I stayed in TJ that night and went back to the zona the next day. I felt comfortable everywhere I went. Juan's tour is great and any newbie considering on going to the zona must have Juan as a guide. Juan and I met a guy in Dulce Bar who had never been to TJ before. That guy had no clue on what to do and where to go. We ran into him a little later in the night and he looked as confused as ever. Juan is an excellent guide and is a resource all inexperienced people should utilize.

J. from Thousand Oaks

"Juan, thanks so much for providing this inexperienced gringo with a "hands-on" tour (no pun intended) of all the zona sites. I appreciated all the valuable information about how much to pay for transportation, drinks and services and generally how to get around. After just one tour, I've been able to avoid all the pitfalls and the learning curve that comes from going it alone the first time!"

J. from Orange County.

I would like to recommend to anyone not familiar with the scene in Tijuana to take the tour offered on this site. Having done some mongering in the Dominican Republic armed only with information found on the Internet, and still encountering problems that interfered with my activities, I decided to take the tour and have someone show me the ropes before exploring TJ on my own.

After a long trip across the continent, I was met by my guide at the UETA parking lot, told what to take and what not to take with me, and then escorted over the border where we caught a taxi to Adelita’s Bar in the Zona Norte. For three hours we circled the zone stopping in numerous clubs and other places. I enjoyed the atmosphere at Las Chavelas the most.

Perhaps the most interesting part of the tour was being introduced to people in the bars, club employees, and other mongers. All contributed in some manner to my knowledge. Throughout the tour I was provided with all the informaton I needed to enjoy what this area of TJ has to offer.

So, if you’ve never been to TJ for fun and to relax, taking the tour will give you the knowledge you need to fully enjoy your trip, and to be and feel safe. JUst reading about Tijuana in the newspaaers, I felt way more comfortable with a guide for my first trip.

B. from the East Coast

22 years in So. California and I had never crossed the border. There was always a doubt about safety and well being on hearing all those stories that not only make the headlines but told by those who had been there and back. So, the only way I would make the first attempt was in an experienced persons company. When I discovered this site and had a chance to read all the postings by those of you who have savored the fabulous fruits of Tijuana, i was encouraged, but decided to ask Juan to guide me on my first visit. I must say he did a great job of it. He met me in the parking lot at the border and escorted me across, giving me details along the way of what and where everything was. He was throughly professional and very knowledable. I had a chance to see the streets and stores and bars and eating places. I was made aware of what to avoid and where to be careful. I got to see the Hong Kong Club, Chicago Club and Adelitas and some of the other smaller or local clubs. He showed me how to stay safe, hotels I could stay over at, where to eat and where to have some drinks and relax. I had a great time and I must thank Juan for it. This is definitely a must for a rookie going to Tijuana for the first time. Money worth spending.

My next trip, (very very soon) will now be a good one, thanks due to Juan's tour of Tijuana. I highly recommend it for anyone going there for the first time.

K. from Orange County

I was in S. California on business last week, and decided to spend an extra day or two to check out TJ. Having never been before, I decided to contact Juan to arrange a three hour tour.

Juan and I conversed my e-mail, and a day or two before our tour he contacted me on my cell phone. We arranged the time and place to meet (8:00 PM, by the bathrooms in the UETA parking lot). He explained the route, and we met up right on time.

From there we proceeded directly through the gates to TJ. As we were walking, Juan explained all the sights, sounds and smells of TJ. It was great to have someone so knowledgeable with me for my first trip. I travel all over the US in my job, and am not easily intimidated. TJ is a different world, however, and unless you have been before I would strongly recommend the tour.

We jumped in a cab (not before Juan blew off the first cabbie who asked for $6) and headed to Adelitas. It was a Wednesday evening, and fairly slow (according to Juan). He showed me where to eat and where to enjoy myself and have some drinks.

We checked out the Chicago Club as well as the Chavelas. I was amazed watching all the people walking around the zona in TJ. After awhile, we headed over to the Hong Kong Club. By this time it was about 9:30 PM, so the crowd was beginning to grow at HK.

I really enjoyed Hong Kong Bar and mingling with all the people. We sat there quiteawhile drinking while I picked Juan's brain for info on TJ.

Afterwards we cruised the streets for a while, meeting up with some of Juan’s friends that happened to be in TJ that night. It was great to get their perspective on TJ, as well as other countries (Thailand, Philippines, Costa Rica) that some of them had been to.

All in all the evening went by way too fast. Juan was a great tour guide and traveling companion. I went back to TJ the next afternoon by myself. It was great to know just where to go, where to avoid, where to get something safe to eat, where to call the cabs from, where to bet on the Hollywood Park races, etc. It would have taken me several trips to TJ on my own to learn what Juan taught me in those three hours.

I’m looking forward to my next trip to TJ. Thanks Juan for all your help!

A. from Seattle

"Thanks for the Tijuana  tour, I had an incredible time.  Your tour provided me with all the necessary knowledge that I need for my next trip down to Tijuana.  The parking lot mentioned on your site is safe, easy to find, and just a short walk away from the border. The featured clubs open to anyone over 18 are just full of beautiful women. LA strip clubs just cannot be compared as to the beauty and the attitude that these hot Latinas have.  All TJ first timers should really go with your tour, it will give them a fun and safe time in Tijuana. I'll be going back down there soon and hope to see you there."

 A. from Long Beach

"Juan, thanks for the tour.  It lived up to the expectations I had from reading your website.  I never would have gone by myself. Once I drove all the way to the border, lost my nerve, turned around and went home again.  TJ is a wild and interesting (but confusing) place and having someone who knows the ropes show you around is much better than reading the guidebooks or FAQ and trying to find your own way.  I would recommend your tour to other first timers."

 J. from Santa Monica

"Had a great time on the tour last night, so I just wanted to thank you for providing a much needed service.  Personally, I would never have gone down there without the tour first.  Way too dangerous from things I have read but I could do it now.

 M. from Carlsbad

"A terriffic service, everything as assured. Safety was my #1 priority and Juan delivered in A+ fashion.  I highly recommend that any newcomer to TJ take advantage of Juan's service, at a most reasonable price as well!!"

   J. in the midwest.

"I'm a longtime San Diego local who has been to Tijuana many times, but the SPECIFIC INFO that I was able to gain on my tour will save me time, dollars and headaches (perhaps literally as well as figuratively)  in my future visits."

  R. from San Diego


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