Juan's Tijuana Site Rules

Juan's Tijuana is a Tijuana travel and world travel informational website. We talk about all aspects of many cities. The legal adult fun, hotels, restaurants, bars, the local culture and many other aspects. We also have many off topics for conversation like sports, religion, men's health, US and world stories and many other topics that open up interesting discussion to our members. This is not a pornography site and we do not allow or show any explicit sexual activity. We are strictly an informational site. We will not honor requests to introduce anyone to women in Tijuana, Mexico or any country.

Unlike many websites, we have no ads on our website pages and we don't receive any money or kickbacks from anyone for recommendations or promoting. We receive no advertising money or promotional fees from any individual or service. We may voice our opinion or give recommendations but we receive no monies to do so. We employ no one or represent anyone in any of these countries. All info on this website is strictly informational.

We only talk about legal activities in all these countries and never discuss activities about anyone under 18. We can't stress this enough! We have not and we never will condone having sexual or any kind of relationship with anyone under the legal age of 18. Posting about illegal activities in the US or anything else considered illegal will not be tolerated and will be deleted. Also posting about underage women in Tijuana (under 18) or about where to purchase illegal drugs in Tijuana will not be tolerated and will be deleted. The same applies to all other countries we talk about.

You could lose your membership for posting about underage women. (your post will be deleted and you will get one warning) You must be 18 or over to read or register for this site. Personal attacks, spamming, self promotion, threats and disclosing personal info, bizarre posts or requests will not be tolerated. Any problems will be handled on a case by case basis. We realize that we are all individuals and we all think differently.

This website started in October 2000 and we used Discusware as our software. In June 2014 we upgraded to our Invision Power Board (IP board) and transferred all the info. The new board has more bells and whistles.

Someone can still be terminated from our site, even if they have purchased a non-refundable membership, for breaking our site rules (flaming, site disruption, etc.) We will usually issue one warning by e-mail although we will handle every case individually. The moderators of this site have the right to terminate any membership, at our discretion. We will try to be rational in our decisions. Flaming will not be tolerated. Joking around is fine.

A valid e-mail address needs to be maintained or your membership could be put on hold until you send us a new current e-mail address. We save the e-mail address you register with. From time to time we send e-mails. We will not bombard you with e-mails. We do not give or sell your e-mail address to anyone else. If we get e-mail returned because your e-mail address is no longer valid or we get no response from you, your account may be put on hold until we here from you.

We will try not to censor or edit posts but from time to time this may be necessary in what we view as the best interest of the site. This is at our discretion since it is our site. If you have a problem with a deletion, anything we post or an edit of one of your posts, e-mail us to discuss this at juanstijuana@yahoo.com Do not discuss our editing, on the site itself. Keep it private between you and the board moderators.

Juan’s Tijuana is a private membership website. We reserve the right to refuse membership to anyone for any reason. Furthermore, membership can be revoked at any time, usually with cause as determined by the webmaster, without a refund since sensitive Tijuana info and materials have already been viewed. At times a member may ask up to remove info or a pic they posted. We may do so at our discretion, depending on the reason given for doing so. We reserve the right to act on this either way.

The collection of and all information presented here is copyrighted © 2000-2015 Juan’s Tijuana. We retain Internet legal counsel. Any attempt to copy or reproduce our info for use on another website or in any news media or other media is prohibited. We are not giving any permission for our info to be put out somewhere else. We are not responsible for anything you post on this website, you are and we reserve that right to remove it. Any material posted or e-mailed to us, becomes property of this website. We also reserve the right to move or copy any post to any other section of this site, as we see fit.

We will do our best to be fair and honor member requests. We will only moderate if something is way out of line. We will try to swiftly delete any inappropriate material that is posted. We rarely edit posts or ban anyone but reserve the right to do so.