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  • Again we must emphasize to please note that everything we show you, is legal in Mexico. We do not show you women under 18 or have anything to do with drugs. We have not and we never will condone having sexual or any kind of relationship with anyone under the legal age of 18. If this is what you are looking for, please do not request a tour! We do not represent any women or get kickbacks. WE DO NOT SET YOU UP WITH WOMEN TO HAVE SEX. We simply show you different parts of Tijuana and what is permitted and legal in TJ. This will make you feel safer when you return to TJ on your own or with a friend. This includes, the bars, hotels and restaurants. We obey and respect all their laws when we are there. Video and digital cameras are not permitted. All the places mentioned in the testimonials are legitimate, licensed, legal TJ bars that anyone can walk into and have a beer as long as you are 18 years or older. All the women working there are 18 years or older as well and have health cards given by the government. Our tour is designed to give you info about Tijuana and show you how to stay safe.