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Board Rules

The rules of behavior and copyright on our board are the same as the rules for the rest of our site.

The content and photos in the forum section also are the property of Juan’s Tijuana.

The board admin has the right to ban anyone from this site. We will try to be rational in our decisions. Flaming will not be tolerated.

Our forum is our permanent info board and the largest info area on our website. There will be more stories there and more specific info. It also includes many world mongering areas. We have a huge Thailand and Philippines area in the Asia section with many photos and reports.

You can post pictures in the forum. Try to keep photos at 300K or smaller. We reserve the right to delete any photos posted or move them to another section.

The forum rules, as are the site rules, are subject to change at any time, at any of the moderator’s discretion.

This site’s main emphasis is Tijuana, although we also encourage posting about different parts of the world. Much of this board is passworded. We encourage posting of any kind, questions asked by newbies after reading the site. We even allow off-topic posts and have many sections for off-topic posts. Any photos that you have, that you want posted, may be e-mailed or mailed to our site address for consideration. Let us know if you want them mailed back. You can also post some photos yourself in our Forums and we will help you post them. Try to keep photos no bigger than 300K with the lower height or width 450 or 500.

The info on Juan's Tijuana is for informational purposes only. We, as owners of Juan's Tijuana, do not own any of businesses or any service talked about in Tijuana or any other world area. Nor do we represent any individual. This is not a pornography site and we do not allow or show any explicit sexual activity.

Unlike many websites, we have no ads on our website pages and we don't receive any money or kickbacks from anyone for recommendations or promoting. We receive no advertising money or promotional fees from any individual or service. We may voice our opinion or give recommendations but we receive no monies to do so. Again, we employ no one or represent anyone in this section. Like I said, all info on this website is strictly informational.

We only talk about legal activities in all these countries and never discuss activities about anyone under 18. We have not and we never will condone having sexual or any kind of relationship with anyone under the legal age of 18. Posting about illegal activities in the US or anything else considered illegal will not be tolerated and will be deleted. Also posting about specific underage women in Tijuana (under 18) or about where to purchase illegal drugs in Tijuana will not be tolerated and will be deleted. You could lose your membership for posting about underage women. (your post will be deleted and you will get one warning) You must be 18 or over to read or register for this site. Personal attacks, spamming, self promotion, threats and disclosing personal info, bizarre posts or requests will not be tolerated. Any problems will be handled on a case by case basis. We realize that we are all individuals and we all think differently.

The majority of this site is passworded as to help with privacy and to keep problems to a minimum. There will be very little tolerance if anyone attempts to disrupt this forum. The rule is one membership per person or household. Do not share your username and password. We check IP addresses and if you give your username and password to another person to use, your membership will be terminated immediately, whether you paid or not. We also like that you to use your ID’s that you use on other TJ sites (if you are on them) so people know who you are. Trust is important on most boards.

We offer everyone a free look at our site sample pages. If you like what you see on our sample pages and want to buy an annual renewable membership, you can become a member by paying for an annual membership which gives a member a year's access to our website. Memberships are $65 cash annually. ($69.95 by CC Bill, check or money order made out to Cash and don’t auto renew) The anniversary date of renewal will still be the original anniversary registration date.

All membership fees are non-refundable and are not pro-rated. Due to the nature of the Net, if this site ever ceases to exist, membership fees paid are not refundable or pro-rated. Once you pay for our site and login, there are absolutely no refunds, even if a member is terminated because of a site infraction as judged by the webmaster. Our primary website focus on Juan’s, is giving you the most TJ information possible. This is accomplished via over thirteen years of posts on our very active Forums, our over 1,000 working girl reviews, our over 500 trip reports, among many other info topics presented. If we feel that you are a threat to the stability and well being of our site, have logged in and viewed our information, your membership, even if new, will be terminated with no refund.

If you like us, have been entertained, are a frequent visitor or have gathered info which has kept you safe or saved you time and money in TJ, we would appreciate you posting, referring a friend or continuing to donate, even if you are already a member. Any donations beyond our normal membership fees are always greatly appreciated. At this time membership fees should be mailed in cash or check/money order (made out to Cash) to our site PO box, with your username in the envelope. All memberships are non-refundable. Our site PO box address is on many of our pages. You can also pay for a membership via CC Bill or other methods, as explained in our membership link pages.

This website started in October 2000 and we used Discusware as our software. In June 2014 we upgraded to an Invision Power Board (IP board) and had most of our info transferred. This new board has more bells and whistles. For now we are keeping Discus as a read only archive. The new IP board is for new posting. The new IP board also has a small rewards area. If you post and post pics you will be rewarded and be granted access to a very small, new VIP area where there are some posts and pictures. It's a thank you to those who participate, to help this site grow. We hope this motivates you to participate in our community. This VIP area is very small and gives our members something to work for. Our Discus Archive 2000-June 2014, does not have a VIP area, just the new IP board, which started in June 2014.

Someone can still be terminated from our site, even if they have purchased a non-refundable membership, for breaking our site rules (flaming, site disruption, etc.) We will usually issue one warning by e-mail although we will handle every case individually. The moderators of this site have the right to terminate any membership, even a premier membership, at our discretion.

A valid e-mail address needs to be maintained or your membership could be put on hold until you send us a new current e-mail address. We save the e-mail address you register with. From time to time we send e-mails. We will not bombard you with e-mails. We do not give or sell your e-mail address to anyone else. If someone does not want to be e-mailed by us, your membership will be terminated. If we get e-mail returned because your e-mail address is no longer valid or we get no response from you, your account may be put on hold until we here from you.

At this point in time we will not allow links or naming of other Tijuana web sites that are similar to ours. If mentioned in a post, we may amend or delete your post. This decision to amend is solely up to the moderators of this site and only a few sites fall into this category. If you have a concern about a particular web site you want to mention in a post you can e-mail us. As well, referring to mongers on other websites who are not on ours, is not permitted at this time. Using xxxx’s or any other symbols like $c#2, etc., as a reference to a monger or chica is not permitted and posts may be amended or deleted, as decided by us. You may use words like another site, around the Net, a monger friend, chica friend, favorita, etc..

The rules and all site policies are subject to change, by the moderators. This site is run and moderated by Lakers, Luckystiff and Juan. It would be in your best interest not to flame anyone on our site, especially these three individuals. Also, if you login and read the board, and someone has addressed you or questioned your post, you need to respond. This keeps our information accurate, answers members questions, and keeps the flow of information going.

We will try not to censor or edit posts but from time to time this may be necessary in what we view as the best interest of the site. This is at our discretion since it is our site. If you have a problem with a deletion, anything we post or an edit of one of your posts, e-mail us to discuss this at juanstijuana@yahoo.com Do not discuss our editing, on the site itself. Keep it private between you and the board moderators.

Juan’s Tijuana is a private membership website. We reserve the right to refuse membership to anyone for any reason. Furthermore, membership can be revoked at any time, usually with cause as determined by the webmaster, without a refund since sensitive Tijuana info and materials have already been viewed. At times a member may ask up to remove info or a pic they posted. We may do so at our discretion, depending on the reason given for doing so. We reserve the right to act on this either way.

Also, any poster can be terminated from this site, if we feel there is cause at our discretion. If we terminate someone, we will usually e-mail them with the reason. Reasons might include flaming, trying to disrupt the site, soliciting your business or other websites for financial gain or favor on our site, male-female battle of the sexes arguments or putting down members for their love of mongering, casting us in a negative light on others sites, multiple ID’s, having an invalid e-mail address and most importantly, showing this website to a working girl. Showing our site to a working girl is grounds for immediate dismissal from the site with no refund as it breaks the very monger code to never discuss this site with a working girl. If that happened, sites like this would cease to exist.

The collection of and all information presented here is copyrighted © 2000-2015 Juan’s Tijuana. We retain Internet legal counsel. Any attempt to copy or reproduce our info for use on another website or in any news media or other media is prohibited. We are not giving any permission for our info to be put out somewhere else. We are not responsible for anything you post on this website, you are and we reserve that right to remove it. Any material posted or e-mailed to us, becomes property of this website. We also reserve the right to move or copy any post to any other section of this site, as we see fit.

We will do our best to be fair and honor member requests. We will only moderate if something is way out of line. As stated, these rules and all site policies, are subject to change. All site webmasters are not subject to our site’s rules and we will do what we feel is in the best interest of the website. We will try to swiftly delete any inappropriate material that is posted. It is the responsibility of every registered member to have read these rules and then abide by them.