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How to Earn a FREE, 2 week, FULL site access membership

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Posted 27 February 2018 - 11:53 PM

Per our membership page: (http://www.juanstiju...memberships.asp)
FREE, FREE, FREE! ***2018 Ongoing Special*** Do you have Tijuana monger knowledge and experience? You can easily qualify! A FREE 2 week membership to preview our website. For you TJ goers that already go to TJ, you can earn an EASY to achieve, FREE 2 week FULL access membership to preview our website. This special is only for non-members of our website, not current members coming up for renewal. If you e-mail us four individual TJ working girl reports or four working girl pics with details, you can earn 2 free weeks of membership. (or a combination of the two adding up to four) The working girl reports must be of TJ girls currently working and be very detailed. This should be very easy to do for anyone that already goes to TJ.
The photos or reports must be of four different TJ girls who are currently working, including a detailed description of the girl in the photo. Juan will judge if the reports or photos qualify and if the free membership is to be granted. It is solely up to Juan's discretion. The reports and photos must be yours. We will post these reports or photos on our website.
We will also consider a combination of four long detailed non-girl reports of TJ bars, hotels, restaurants and anything of TJ interest as long as it is your content and fairly recent. We are trying to make it easy for people who like to post and have TJ experience to earn a free membership. Final decision is up to Juan's if the content is good enough. We will extend your 2 week free membership indefinitely, as long as you keep posting regularly on our website, as judged by Juan. If you want to qualify for the free membership, simply e-mail the four total TJ working girl reports, TJ working girl photos or other detailed TJ info to juanstijuana@yahoo.com and wait to hear back from us. Or e-mail us, if you have more questions, regarding our free trial membership.